Love for Mrs. Nisbett

A beloved Port Huron Northern teacher has passed away due to a car accident that occurred on Friday. Mrs. Nisbett was not just a teacher, but a mother of a three-year-old son, a wife, a daughter, and someone anyone could look up to.

Not only did her family lose her, but an entire community of students, staff, and parents that were heavily influenced by her kindness, dedication to all students, and her love for her job. She was gracious, determined, empathetic, intelligent, altruistic, encouraging, and so much more.

Mrs. Nisbett would take time out of her day to make bookmarks for her students and book club participants, so we are selling bookmarks in honor of her life. On the back, there is a quote from Betty Smith (this is the same quote that was on a bookmark that I received from her my freshman year). All of the money raised will go to her husband and son during their time of loss.

-Laura Hannan (A loving student)

Bookmark given to me by Mrs. Nisbett

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Bookmark in Honor of Mrs. Nisbett

If you are a student and you would like to pick up your bookmark at Northern, please indicate this in "Customer Notes" at checkout.

Bookmarks are ordered and should arrive by November 2nd. Distribution will happen in the following days. Please check the Storehouse Port Huron Facebook page for updates.

Thank you for your support and love for Mrs. Nisbett and her family.